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Did I mention my pricing was simple, all-inclusive, & 100% transparent?

AU $3000
$1499 + GST
Identify Problems in Marketing Funnel
Full Website Audit
Email Marketing Audit
Facebook & Google Ad Audit
eCommerce Tech Stack Audit
Customised Strategic Advice & Recommendations
Two-page Detailed Summary
1-Hour Training + Handover
3-10% of
No Management Fee
No Setup Fee
Only Pay % Commission
FREE Conversion Rate Optimisation
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Tracking Setup
Full Funnel Ad Creative
Ad Copywriting
Setup, Optimisation & Scale
Fortnightly Reporting
eCommerce Dashboard

Ends 30th Nov 2022


*Screening is required

$3500 + 5%
Ad Spend
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Tracking Setup
Full Funnel Ad Creative
Ad Copywriting
Setup, Optimisation & Scale
Fortnightly Reporting
eCommerce Dashboard

Frequently Asked Question

Do you still take on clients?

Let's have a chat and give me a rundown of your situation. If I believe in your vision, I will try my best to help your business

A lot of times, brands might have a business/product-market fit problem, instead of marketing problem. They need to fix the root cause before scaling

Do you require 12 months contract?

I am confident with my ability to scale your brand, that I only require a 3-month contract when you start out. After 3 months, we can discuss longer term contract.

I think it's only fair - if you are not happy with the level of service provided, you should be able to leave.

Do you have minimum monthly ad spend?

I requires my clients at least 10K/month minimum ad spend. This is because the FB algorithm need a minimum of 50 Purchases per week to get out of learning phase. Your budget also need to match this number, based on your CPA.

However, I also consider the viability and potential of your products, so this is not a strict requirement

Do you offer ad creative in your package?

Creative and ad copy are included in the package. I write ad copy, video ad script, edit final video ad ready for social. I pump out new ads to test weekly.

However, the package does not include content creation. If you don't have a content library of images and videos of your brand, please let me know in the introductory call and we will find a solution together.

Is Risk-free Performance Plan really risk free?

Yes! It's totally risk-free for you.

On the flip side of the equation, it's very risky for me to take clients on this way. I will need to screen your business to make sure we are the right fit.

Can you give me a free consultation?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer free consultation at this stage. 'Free Consultation' is a marketing term created by the salesperson to lure you into sale pitches, while giving bad advices. These advices are generic information because you need to pay $10k/month retainer for them to actually do serious work.

My consultation package is filled with valuable industry insights, intellectual properties and actionable tailored advices, that added averagely >$100,000 dollars on top of my clients monthly revenue.

Why the huge range 3-10% of Gross Revenue

If you did all the hard work to get your business to this point, I cannot just go in and claim a big chunk of it.

There are multiple factors that affect the percentage:
- Current Revenue
- Product-Market fit
- Do you have a proven product/funnel?
- Do you have a content strategy?
- Do I see the potential?

Why work with you instead of a marketing agency?

- You will be working directly with an expert who has experience scaling ecommerce clients and my own Ecom businesses from 4, 5, 6 figures to 7-figures a month.

- I will be the person that directly talk to you, strategies your campaigns and address any of your concern.

- I only work with a handful of clients at a time to make sure my clients receive the most quality work.

- I own my own Ecom business. I know how hard it take to grow a business and I will treasure your hard-earned marketing dollar like my own.

Who you'll be working directly with

Get to know Ethan


Hi there, my name is Ethan.

I am a Growth Hacking Specialist with extensive background in DTC Retail eCommerce, working directly with high growth small-to-medium Ecommerce DTC as well as well-known national retail brands.

Before Pigeon Digital, I was working as Senior Digital Strategy Manager for a high-growth digital marketing agency, led my team of 10 to deliver Social & PPC digital, email, creative strategy and website optimisations for my clients.

I also run my own three eCommerce brands with my wife, scaled one brand from 0-$500k within 3 months of launch. I'm a real practitioner, and I practice what I preach.

As a person, I'm data-driven, strategic and have a deep passion for math, digital marketing & data analysis. I have two cats and love coffee.

What my clients has to say

"Ethan's the real deal. We were burned by 3 agencies in the past, but he actually knows his stuff, care about our bottom line, helped me see clarity in my business and most importantly, brought my ROAS from 1.6 to 3.8 consistently."
Benjamin Shields
Marketing Manager @ Aussie Tonneaus
"With my previous agency, I paid $7K/month for an expert was was assigned an intern who doesn't know what to do. Ethan went in and identified all the issues, fixed it and we saw uplift in both CPA and conversion rate by day 2 working together. Amazing!"
Denis Akkuz
Owner & Founder @ NextGenPaws Pet Australia
"Ethan helped my business started selling online when COVID hits. We went from struggling with 2 physical stores, to now thriving online with our Shopify store taking 75% of revenue"
Mia Nguyen
Co-founder @ Lacquer Beauty

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